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5 Warning Signs You’ve Lost Your Mojo

This is a guest post from Michele Lisenbury Christensen. She is my coach.

Sometimes our business is doing well – or well enough – but WE aren’t doing so well. 

The light has dimmed.  You’re not fed, fired up, vivified by your business any more.  I call it losing your mojo.

Maybe you’re not working in the way you work best or growing your business in a way that’s not a fit for you.  Or maybe your mojo got lost in some other way: a loss or life change.  A new phase of your own evolution. Who knows?

You can get your mojo back, but first you have to know you’ve lost it!  Here are the red flags that pop up:

You’re not your lively, energetic self.

This one’s sneaky.  Maybe you’ve just been busy, right?  Or it’s the change of season?  Too much fun? [Jen’s note: neglecting your minimum requirements for self-care?]  That’s not it.

The lost-my-mojo weariness shows up at the end of the day: your work drained you, it didn’t energize you.  It’s also there on Monday morning:  you’re not stoked to get back to it.  And there’s just a certain spark that you may or may not remember, but that IS you, and is just not around.

It doesn’t feel easy.

Whether it’s a proposal, a meeting with a prospective client, or delivering the work you promised, the work lacks a certain sense of ease and rightness.  Things come together in funky ways, not serendipitous ways.  Or they don’t come together.

Struggle is the hallmark of mojo-less work. [Jen’s question to Michele: what about when you are stretching to do something new that is scary and hard? That’s not the same thing, right?]

You’re not drawn to reach out or grow the business.

The second warning sign shows up when someone asks you what you’re doing to market or grow your business.  Maybe you’re still taking a lot of action, but it’s not effortless or inspired.  It’s not coming naturally.  And if you’re like many people, because you’re not inspired, you’re not actually DOING enough marketing.

My marketing has always been easy and fun for me [Jen: oh god Michele, really? That’s make me like you a little less]:  I write articles like 10 Spiritual Mistakes I’ve Made in Business or interview my favorite authors.

The new opportunities that come to you are ho-hum at best.

The lack of inspiration for marketing – warning sign #3 – leads to this one:  because your outreach isn’t inspired, you’re not driving your own new opportunities.  You’re not reaching out – either literally or energetically – and connecting with new projects and people who light you up. You may be taking what you get, and that’s a bad sign.  Further, notice whether the things that are coming to you are more and more exciting or less and less so.

In my corporate work, I noticed that new opportunities came, but I liked each one less than the last.  Still, it was work, right?  They wanted it, so I should do it?  That’s a lousy feeling, and one it took me a while to recognize. 

You’re not excited to talk about your work.

I don’t want you to be a yakking narcissist who can’t shut up about your work.  Instead, I want you watching for this warning sign:  when someone asks you what you do, you mutter. It’s the “mutter”, coming from someone who was, in the past, confident and successful in their work, that warns of a precipitous drop in mojo in that person’s work.  

Before I shifted my focus to corporate training and executive coaching, I was always excited to say that I helped business owners reduce stress and increase profit by integrating their spiritual path into their business. But when I got off track, not so much. Bad sign.

Now What To Do about this Loss of Mojo?

I can hear you now:

Great, Michele.  Thanks a ton.  You just let me know I’ve lost my mojo.  I had a feeling, but now I’m sure.  But NOW WHAT?  I’ve got a business to run, here.”

Me too, me too.  Losing your mojo is, at best… well, INCONVENIENT.  But getting it back is really, really worthwhile.  I mean, it’s your vitality we’re talking about.  Your verve.  Your connection to life, and quite possibly to the Divine.

Sure was, in my case.  God started to feel like a nag, really, because every time I tapped into my spiritual connection, it gave me warnings I was off track.  Rather than adjusting course – because I thought I needed the money for my mortgage, my nanny, my next travel adventure – I adjusted my relationship to spirit. I shut it down.  Hhhhhuuuuggghhh.  It’s SO embarrassing to admit that. [Jen’s note: Right there with you friend! Another post perhaps?]

But I’d rather tell you about it than keep it a secret, if it will save you from the same fate.  

The good news is, you can get your mojo back easier than you think, now that you know it’s gotten lost.  And since your mojo is your authenticity, the best of who you are, and your source of energy and courage for your business, it will only do your business good to revive it.

Stay tuned for answers on how to get your mojo back… tomorrow!

Michele Lisenbury Christensen helps women embody joy, ease, profit and love. She is co-creator of the 12 Elements of Power, a template for integrating masculine and feminine power for sustainable, soulful success.  She blogs here. She’s also one of the most smart, loving, and spiritually attuned people I  know.

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  • 2 Lynn May 29, 2010

    Ohhhhhh, this one hit home! I well remember the time when I didn’t even know I HAD any mojo, and then when I discovered it, life was like a brand-new shiny sparkly adventure every day. That core feeling that “all is well” and truly feeling that “I’m right where I’m supposed to be” is just pure joy!

    The downside of having known that feeling, though, is that when I go through those inevitable mojo-impaired periods, it feels worse than when I never knew I had it at all — because I know exactly what I’ve lost. And even though the low-mojo periods aren’t usually devastating or tragic, they are SCARY, because of the fear that I’ll never get it back. That’s the awfulness for me — that panicky feeling that I’ve lost something, some life spark that I’ll never get back, and that I’m less than I was before.

    So, for me, I guess the core issue is trust — trust that nothing is lost, that my “me-ness” is intact despite my visits to the valley of blah.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the tips about how to get the mojo cranking again during those times!!

    Thanks for a great post.

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