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You Say You Want a Revolution

Writing this morning, I can’t get that Beatles tune out of my head.

Reading the lyrics, I remember, as a kid, being scared of the song.

I was raised in the religion of capitalism (and kindness) and, in the 60’s and early 70’s, my parents were terrified of what was happening in the country and, I picked up that terror.

The fear of losing the comfort of my safe life still simmers in me today as I negotiate this new call to take direct action, to help others take direct action, to save the world (I still haven’t found a better phrase so bear with me).

But what I didn’t hear so much as a kid was the solace in the chorus, “Don’t you know it’s going to be alright?

(that’s the biggest part of the song – sing it right now and you’ll remember)

We aren’t going to engage anyone in this revolution out of fear. The deep knowledge that it’s going to be alright, in a cosmic sense at  least, is where you must keep coming back to, if only (if only!!!) for your nervous system.

We have to be building a story of joyful action not fearful martyrdom (nor a story of I’ll do something after I’ve taken care of my own comfort either).

So to help you and me build that new story, I’ll be sharing good ju-ju regularly from now on, so you get ideas how to un the world and so you feel less alone! You cannot feel alone in this or you crumble. (cue crumbling noise)

The Revolution is Happening

Heather hears Sophia – or more aptly, finally listens.

Marie Forleo, in her wondrous go for it fashion, heeded the call , too. Let her inspire you.

Kind Over Matter moves into action. Watch this video too – it’s quick. It’s like the 2 minute version of Half the Sky.

My favorite revolution-unfolding was from Tara because she is bold enough to say,

I’ve been part of a sub-culture that says, if you as a woman spend your time raising healthy, ethical children, keeping your spouse sane and contributing a little to local causes that impact your family, you’ve done enough to change the world.”

It’s not enough.”


Watch for more updates from the revolution and be sure to send me your posts and resources and ideas – thanks!

P.S. Lyrics to Revolution

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  • 1 Pace Smith Oct 7, 2010

    Yes! Yes, yes, and a thousand times yes!

    I’m honored and thrilled to be among those on the frontier of this revolution.

    You know, it’s going to be alright.

  • 2 Heather Plett Oct 7, 2010

    Bring on the revolution!

  • 3 Tara Sophia Mohr Oct 7, 2010

    Thank you Jen! It took courage for me to write those words. I didn’t like writing them. I would prefer to stay in the land of “every woman makes the choices that are right for her” and they’re all good. It’s safe there.

    But around this topic, right now, I feel called to say, it’s not enough. That’s hard for me to write because I support women and revere the work of mothering. The last thing I want to do is invoke guilt or add to the to do list.

    And yet, I do think there is something wrong when women who hold their vision and love for the world so dear don’t have the time and space in their lives to really act on that love. I think we have to expect more of our partners, our society and ourselves.

    I love that this dialog is ON!


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  • 5 Susan Gallacher-Turner Oct 8, 2010

    “We have to be building a story of joyful action not fearful martyrdom”

    So true. Real change, I agree comes out of the feeling of safety, when we feel like the song says, “It’s going to be alright.”

    But when life changes radically even if you want it badly, it’s still scarey…how to cope with that?

  • 6 Jennifer Oct 9, 2010

    That, Susan, is part of what I must write about – the fear. The FEAR has me in its grasp right now – off to DO something.

  • 7 Virginia Oct 11, 2010

    Perfect!!! My unique ‘flo po’ journal writing leads me to the same conclusion … and once I figure out how to add an MP3 file to my new self-hosted WordPress site, I’ll start sharing these pieces there regularly to help get the word out. I’ve got several drafts ready to go but Audio Acrobat won’t cooperate! Sigh …

    An excerpt from this morning’s writing says, “… bringing our own light to darkness reveals that shadows need not be feared because they VANISH in the light allowing us to let go again and again for as long as necessary … gradually returning to love” and to paraphrase the rest … remembering we’re safe, happy, healthy, and living at ease when we align ourselves with the Universe by listening to our inner wisdom.
    Blessed Be … and so it is!
    Hugs and blessings,

  • 8 Susan Gallacher-Turner Oct 11, 2010

    Thanks, Jen. I’m writing about ‘it’ too and what I also find is that I do what you do, too…when in fear, DO.

    Sometimes that yields good results and some not so good.